Simple Encryption/Decryption Library for Android

Last month I released a Swift-based library for simple AES 256 bit encryption/decryption called CRDCrypt on GitHub and CocoaPods. This month I’ve completed the equivalent library for Android called CRDCrypt-Android available now on GitHub and

CRDCrypt for Android is an easy-to-use code library that allows you to encrypt/decrypt small amounts of data using the AES 256-bit algorithm. It’s API is similar to the Swift version and consists of these static methods:

public static byte[] generateInitializationVector() throws CRDCryptException

This method will allow you to generate a random initialization vector that can be used optionally to encrypt/decrypt data with a psuedo-random byte pattern in the result so encryption is less predictable.

The encryption/decryption API is:

public static byte[] aes256Encrypt(String key, byte[] decrypted, byte[] initializationVector) throws CRDCryptException

public static byte[] aes256Decrypt(String key, byte[] encrypted, byte[] initializationVector) throws CRDCryptException

I hope you will find CRDCrypt-Android of use in your next Android project.


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